HOD : MS. Rabia. Rasool

To assist educational authorities in planning and co-ordination of in-service education programmes for elementary teachers through-
out district, and to plan and co-ordinate such programmes held in the DIET, pursuant to this the wing would :-
Identify training needs of elementary teachers in the district, and prepare a respective plan for meeting such needs.
Prepare a annual calender for all programmes to be held in the DIET.
 Help concerned authorities in preparing an annual calender for in-service programmes to be held outside DIET.
 Orientation programmes for resource persons who would conduct in-service programmes for teachers at other centres( i.e outside DIET).
To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of training programmes for their continuous improvement.
This wing also conducts the training programmes of SSA and RMSA viz.
 Subject specific training for teachers / masters.
 Training for Head of the Institution ( HOI ).
 Training for Educational Administrators ( ZEOs ).
 Training for SMDC members.
 Book Fair under RMSA.
 Science Exhibition under RMSA.
 Training programmes for resource persons ( RPs ).