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    Principal Message

    Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

A Message From The Principal

Education as we know today does not just mean to gain information or knowledge but to acquire life skills in order to be able to develop one’s personality and to live a better life in the society.
Since I joined this premier institute of education and trainings after the devasting floods of 2014, I and my team's mission & endeavor was to take this institute to the zenith of its standard. The time will tell how far as DIET faculty we have remained successful. There is always a scope for improvement & we are all in pursuit of achievement of goals set by MHRD, NCERT & NUEPA from time to time regarding scholastic and non-scholastic activities. It shall be sheer injustice if I shall not acknowledge the efforts of my faculty in general and the support offered by my seniors in particular.

DIET Srinagar